Hugo Chavez

Dictator of Venezuela

Hugo Chavez's Life

Chavez was born in Sabaneta, Venezuela, on July 28, 1954. He attended The Venezuelan Academy for Military Sciences then served as a military officer until he tried to overthrow the government in 1992. he was sentenced to two years in prison. When he was released from prison he started the Movement of the Fifth Republic, a revolutionary political party which gained a lot of support from the working class. Chávez ran for president in 1998, campaigning against government corruption and promising economic reforms. He was elected in 1999. As president he changed the constitution and started protests when he tried to tighten his hold on state run oil. He is also known to be hostile towards the United States saying they abused their powers in Iraq and even called George Bush the devil. America does not like his relations with Cuba. Chavez is a strong leader winning all three terms he ran for president which shows that the people respect him.

Hugo Chavez - From failed 1992 coup to presidency

Hugo Chavez is seen as a militant figure in this video however it states he is not a dictator. He says he and his people are not tyrants. He also has developed a doctrine called 20th century socialism. He seized all privately own oil and turned it into government owned. He is heavily supported by the poor.
Hugo Chavez tried to take over

but was sent to jail and he thought life was over

he came back like he found a 4 leaf clover

with luck he was back to attack

attack the government and win presidency

he was here to help the currency

took all the oil and he was spoiled

he's a socialist with his buddy Castro

with oil they made cash flow

he dissed George Bush

and everyone shushed

Chavez he be on top

ya Chavez stay on top

the cops won't lock him up again

he keeps winning again and again

no time for jail, Venezuela will prevail

Essential Question

Does Hugo Chavez really deserve the title "ruthless leader" due to the many positive policies he introduced to Venezuela?

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