state facts

Vermont Hawaii Alaska


capital: Montiplier

nickname: The Green Mountain State

date of statehood: March 4, 1791

state bird: Hermit Thrush

state flower: Red Clover

State tree: Sugar maple

interesting facts:

  • Vermont official state insect is the honey bee.
  • until 1996 , Vermont was the only state without a Walmart.
  • Vermont comes from the word green mountain.
tourist attractions:

  • Arbon Trek Canopy
  • Bromely
  • Shelbume Museum


capital: Honolulu

nickname: The Aloha State

Date of statehood: August 21, 1959

state flower: Hawaiian hibiscus

state bird: Nene

state tree: Kukui

interesting facts:

  • Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee
  • there are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian ABCs
  • under the sea volcanoes formed the islands
tourist attractions:

  • Pearl Harbor
  • Sea Life
  • Helicopter tours

by: virginia harrell


capital: Juneau

nickname: The Last Frontier

date of statehood: July 7, 1958

state flower: forget me not

state bird; willow ptarmigar

state tree: sittsa spruce

interesting facts:

  • more than 3 million lakes in Alaska
  • to Americans Alaska is called the lower 48
  • dog mushing the official sport
tourist attractions:

  • the Yukon river
  • Alaska zoo
  • Chugach National park