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Lotto And UK EuroMillions- Play And Win!


Since ages the people of the UK have been trying their luck in Lottery or Lotto. Believe us they have been successful enough to try their hands in the game of playing again and again. This also brings the need of you trying your hands in this game of fortune. Keep yourself free twice a week; Wednesday and Saturday evening and don’t miss out on your chance to win a particularly huge jackpot.

Being the main Lotto and Lottery game in the United Kingdom the system of buying the tickets is easier for all. Either you can visit official website (online) to purchase tickets or else buy them from national lottery retailer.

Are You Living Outside the UK?

If you are not a resident of the UK then either take help of a lottery agent, click on buy tickets page or click on the link where you need to select the Outside UK option.

Lottery News Section is really good to keep yourself posted about the latest jackpot winners.

UK EuroMillions

It is an easy game to play within and outside the premises of the UK. Each lottery draws takes place every Tuesday and Friday night, and full results are shown within a couple minutes of the balls dropping out of the machine.

For Non- Residents of the UK

Being a non-resident of the UK you can click @ to buy your tickets. Further, payments for the same can be made through Credit card, Visa card, and Simple pay. However, payments options vary from country to country.

EuroMillions Super draws

These are special draws that take place periodically and increase the EuroMillions jackpot to a fixed minimum of €100 million / £80 million.