The Auto Lumin!

The new way to turn off the lights !

Why we made this product

Light Home  Industries decided to creat the Auto lumin because we were concerned by how many people leave the light on after theyy leave the room and how much energy they waste. The Auto Lumin solves these problems!

Why the Auto Lumin Benifits Children ( Years 12-18)

Th e Auto Lumon helps because they dont have to waste time by going back and turning the lights of when you didn't. It also doesn't waste light bulbs so they won't run out!

How it Works

The Auto Lumon scans a room to see if any one is inside. If there is, it will leave the light open, if not, it will close it. The Auto Lumin knows when you enter a a room. If you go into an emty room, the Auto Lumin will automatically turn the light on! When you leave the room, the Auto Lumin will Automatically turn the lights off!

Contact us:

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