Andrew Jackson

By Olivia Tefertiller

His Losses

Andrew's losses had a huge effect on the person he became and influenced him as a leader. Jackson's oldest brother, Hugh, enlisted in a patriot regiment and died of a heartstroke at Stono Ferry. His father died only 3 weeks before his birth. Him and his other brother both got captured by the enemy and contracted small pox. His brother died shortly after their release. His mother, while trying to retrieve some nephews from a British prison ship, fell ill and died. His wife Rachel died of a heart attack after struggling in pain for 3 days. Some think it was from the stress of the election.

The First

Jackson was the first president to do many things. He was the first and only president to pay off the entire national debt. He was also the first president to ever be born in poverty and the first to be born west of the Appalachian mountains. He was the first president to ride the railroad train or to marry a divorced woman. Being the first to do so many things furthered his campaign as being a man of the people.

The Strengthening of America

Andrew Jackson strengthened America in multiple ways. He organized the relocation of more than 90,000 Indians, destroyed the idea of a National Bank of the United States, and strengthened American nationalism by representing the common man. He also strengthened the Union by rejecting South Carolina's claim that they could nullify federal laws.He also founded the Democratic Party.

His Leadership Background

Being the hero of the Battle of New Orleans, he had lots of experience in battles. In 1824, He was the senator of Tennessee. Then, he was one of the first members in The House of Representatives. He was also elected to the U.S Senate, but left after a year so he could be home more. He also a justice on the Tennessee Superior court.
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Personal Experiences

Andrew had a fiery temper that often got him into many fights and duels and many saw this as a sign of immaturity. He also had a "Kitchen Cabinet" which is a group of unofficial friends and advisers and also participated in and founded the spoils system which some felt made the government system biased to his favor. When his wife died of a heart attack he blamed his opponents, saying that the stress of the election and constant pain caused was too much for her. Not only did he participate in multiple wars and battles growing up, he also lost all of his family in the course of those events, and has many grudges with those enemies.

Age of the Common Man

Andrew Jackson was a man of the people. In his election he won by popular vote, and when he finally won he invited the public to attend his inauguration ball at the White House. When in battles and wars, he was popular among his troops, who gave him the nickname, "Old Hickory" , because he was as tough as Old Hickory wood. Jackson was a self made man who came up from nothing, who eventually ended up founding the entire Democratic Party and destroyed the idea of a national bank.

Hero or Villian?

Though some could argue that Andrew Jackson was impulsive and quick-tempered President, overall Jackson was a phenomenal President and impacted the nation in many great ways. Based on everything he's done for our country and everything he's been through, it is obvious his presidency was very important to the growth of our nation.