Unlock Your True Power

with a 'Black Brother' Life Coaching Session

Just as football coaching helps you become better at the game...

... Life Coaching will help improve your game in life. It is true that successful people who take up Life Coaching:

  • improve their decision making skills
  • develop critical thinking skills
  • progress with greater confidence
  • have enhanced motivation, commitment and focus
  • remove limited thinking, behaviour and actions
  • achieve and accomplish more than if they worked alone
  • get ahead and stay ahead in the life game

Accelerate your success with a 'Black Brother' FREE Life Coaching session and get 60 minutes of devoted, focussed 'you' time.

With objective, non-judgemental, professional coaching by phone or Skype, boost your performance in the game of life and have greater successful outcomes in work, study, relationships, stress, confidence, emotional and mental well-being, for example.

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take." - Wayne Gretzky, hockey player

Since 2010, 73% of our Coachees have come from the Black Community. From this 88% of Black Women and just 12% of Black Men have benefitted from life coaching. Be on target for accelerated success by booking your session today!

When: Saturday 10th August 2013
Time: 10.00am | 11.30am |1.00pm | 2.30pm | 4.00pm
How: Skype, telephone or mobile

+44 121 411 9500
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