passing periods should be longer

by:Baylie, Anina, & Hunter

why is this a problem?

Passing period times should be longer because students are always tardy to class, which can interrupt class, causing everyone to miss class time, as well as missing instruction, which can cause bad grades. Another thing that can happen is students run in the hallways and cause other students to be in danger, because they are in a hurry.

every school has long passing periods

solutions and strategies

We have come up with many solutions but these 2 stuck out the most. The first one is by taking away block classes; just like 8th grade. The second solution is by taking away 4 minutes of each class.


There are many different benefits, but here are just a few. One of the benefits is with passing period times longer then students won't have to stress as much anymore, because they aren't worrying about getting to class on time. Another benefit is they have time to talk to their teachers about assignments. Finally the last benefit is students can stay more organized by having more time to pack up their stuff.
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this is where you can be with longer passing periods
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