Don't let the false statements change your mind

Misleading Statements

Roger Johnson is misleading you!!! His flyer states that the board did nothing to decrease taxes. His flyer states we increased sewer fees. His flyer states we went over budget. Well, here are the facts that are documented on the OFFICIAL VILLAGE WEBSITE @

· By paying off the loans, we saved the tax payers approx $97,000 a year in payments and approx $150,000 in future interest payments.

· We did not add those loan payments onto the tax levy, (which is legal to do), to increase YOUR taxes, like the previous board did consistently. They raised taxes repeatedly, yet they are concerned about it NOW???

· 6-16-10 the previous board (Johnson, Gerber, Ironside, and Engstrom) increased the sewer rates and on 11-3-10 they increased the stormwater rates. For what reason?? There was enough money in those accounts that we decided to pay off the loans with plenty of surplus.

· 3-20-13 we passed a balanced sewer and stormwater budget!! This even takes into account the "overages" from last year due to unforseen expenses AND budgets funds to make necessary improvements this year.

· 11-17-10 they increased the tax levy 1.44% and then had to hold a SPECIAL MEETING on 12-1-10 to increase it to 1.67%. Why??? Was that due to the 15% over payments to contractors???

· We took out a loan for street repairs, which the previous board failed to do on a regular basis. The payments are budgeted for and NOT added in above and beyond the tax levy.

Roger's last letter during his previously failed campaigns stated he wanted to work with the neighboring communities, and was all for shared services. That's not what he is saying now!!!

Don't let the words on a piece of paper change your thoughts. The previous board did nothing to look to our Village's future.

So where's the problem??? Again, who's misrepresenting themselves?? We have APPROVED minutes online. We have Open Bidding with OTHER bids on file in the Village Hall. Our work is an open book. Was theirs???

Please Vote April 2nd for Albrecht, Decker, Dunn and Wilber To Keep Our Community Moving Forward