Douglas MacArthur


Date of Birth & Death of Douglas Macarthur

January 26 1880 is the date that he was born on he was born at little rock Arkansas. He died after the war in April 5 1964 in Washington D.C. and his burial place is at Norfolk Virginia

why he was significant and who he fought for

Because he lost the Philippines and he started a new tactic called inland hopping. He fought for the U.S

How did he die

He died after the war from liver failure at Walter Reed Army Hospital he lived to be 84

Douglas Macarthur life

Was divorce of his first wife Louise Cromwell Brooks in 1928 he then remarried to Jean Marie Faircloth and had a son named Arthur Macarthur iv

He was in 42 divison aka rainbow division

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Became superintendent of West Point

Was the head of the U.S. Olympic Committee