Kindergarten News

Mrs. Cox~~~~~~May 15, 2015

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 15=All Library books due back in the Library.

Monday, May 18 = Bring a Teddy Bear for "T" day

Tuesday, May 19 = Wear Red, White and Blue for USA day

Thurs., May 21 = Bag of Books Checkout (with signed permission slip attached, for summer reading)

Wed., May 27 = Last Day of School/Early release at 1:30 pm

~~Specials Schedule~~:

Mon., 5/18...Art...Tues., 5/19...Music...Wed., 5/20...P.E....Thurs., 5/21...Art...Fri., 5/22...Music...Mon., 5/25...NO SCHOOL...Tues., 5/26...P.E....Wed., 5/27...NO SPECIAL CLASS

Connect2Learn Information

Each student in the Lee's Summit School District will receive a chromebook next year!! Check out the following website for more details:

Skills We Are Working On In Class

Reader's Workshop/ELA:
  1. Building our schema by researching animals on PebbleGo (online book resource)
  2. Reading, spelling and writing the new sight words: must, came, and review of all 4th quarter words!
  3. Segmenting words with four sounds
  4. Reader's Workshop: Determining Importance - what are the important things to remember about the story? Who were the important characters?
  5. Retelling a story using details
  6. Writing a question using a question word at the beginning and question mark at the end
  7. Adding details to our writing (using "rich"/describing words) and pictures
  8. Writing complete sentences with spaces between each word AND punctuation at the end of a thought!

Writer's Workshop:

  1. Informative/Explanatory Writing..."how-to" to make a PBJ sandwich, the steps to making a pizza...
  2. Writing letters neatly on the lines, always starting the letters at the TOP
  3. Writing words and sentences using Kindergarten Spelling (beginning, middle, and ending sounds)
  4. Stretching out words slowly to hear all the sounds. (listening for the vowel sounds)


  1. Number recognition to 31
  2. Writing numbers to 31
  3. Skip counting by 2's, 5's, 10's
  4. Counting to 100 and beyond

Skills to Work on At Home

~~~Segmenting 4-sound words...example..."drop" = "d...r..o...p"/ "tops" = "t...o...p...s"

~~~Thank you for sharing the books with your child in the Take Home Envelope. Thank you for taking the time to record their thoughts on the comment sheets.

~~~Continue to encourage your child to point to the words as they are reading!!

Sight Word Olympics:

When your child is ready to be tested on their list, send me a note or email letting me know. I will then have them read the words to me. If they can read each word accurately in less than three seconds per word, they receive a Sight Word Medal! :)

Underwood Kindergarten Website

Click on the following link to get access to the Kindergarten website. You will find multiple headings that will lead to many learning games we use in class!!

Items to Note:

~~Our Underwood link is . There are important notes on this webpage. Look under the heading "Documents"!!

~~ Eagle Bucks=Students have been earning these rewards each week! Ask your child how many they have earned and what they did to earn them! Eagle Bucks are earned by students throughout the year for a variety of reasons...kindness to others, following the rules, following directions in class/on assignments, setting a good example for others in the hall/classroom/cafeteria, completing work in an exceptional way, etc. Eagle Bucks can be redeemed each month after our Counselor's lesson, or saved for "big ticket" items. We are asking that parents consider making a donation to the "Underwood School Store" for either small or "big ticket" items, or both! Please mark donation item(s) clearly! Thank you!

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