K-2 Team Newsletter

October 14, 2019

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Principal's Message

We are so glad to welcome you all back from Fall Break! We hope you took time to reset and renew so you are ready to knock out Quarter #2!! Remember we are now focusing on Priority #2 - No Opt Out Academics! During the rest of this quarter we will continue our priority walkthroughs with this focus in mind. The cultural goal of this priority is on how to keep scholars engaged in learning so that they don't opt out which is especially true of our lovebugs! Some of the academic goals are around AgMo and having scholars doing the heavy lifting. Our next PD after conferences is on guess what...AgMo (aggressive monitoring) and is another tool we will utilize in order to support our staff in meeting this priority! Special kudos to our teachers who have already begun implementing pieces of AgMo in their classrooms as well as teachers who are engaging ALL learners!

Operations Important Information

The annual Well Child vision and hearing screenings will take place Tuesday, October 15. See below for your time. Screenings will be held in the PD Room off the first floor cafeteria. Please be on time and ensure scholars are quiet as they are waiting. Scholars may bring a book to read while they wait.

8:00 – 8:20

2nd Grade Auburn

8:20 – 8:40

2nd Grade Kentucky

11:50 – 12:10

2nd Grade MTSU

12:10 – 12:30

Kindergarten Eckerd

12:30 – 12:50

Kindergarten Skidmore

12:50 – 1:10

Kindergarten Washington

1:10 – 1:30

Kindergarten Belmont (RA takes over at 1:23)

1:30 – 1:50

2nd Grade Tennessee

School Wide Focus

Priority #2 - No Opt Out Academics

This is our new focus area K-8. Below is an outline of key teacher actions and scholar actions expected to achieve the goals of this priority.


  • Intellectually prepare – do the work

  • Internalize lessons

  • Build in strategies that encourage 100% participation and thinking

  • Provide feedback based on exemplar expectations

  • Identify conceptual misunderstandings based on data (student work)

  • Plan a model or guided discourse to address misconceptions

  • Scholars

    • Are always accountable to both participate and think (70% lift)*

    • Participate in independent practice

    • Participate in habits of discussion

    • Make connections to prior learning

    • Cite evidence to back up an argument

    • Attend to precision

    • Respond to academic feedback and revise work accordingly

    • Support learning of peers

    Weekly Data Meetings - WDM

    We will begin our WDMs starting next Tuesday, October 22nd during the Related Arts block. These WDMs will happen 2x a month. Be sure you keep the exit tickets and or scholar assessment docs (unit/quiz/etc…) from the week prior. DO NOT SEND THEM HOME and please have the scholar work graded when you come to the meeting. Invites are being sent out from your deans (Literacy - Ayana and Math - Molly). They will also send out additional email reminders with what to bring as we get closer to those dates. We are so excited and cannot wait to see the impact on our scholars' achievement!

    Deans of Academics

    This week for check-ins, we will go over your self evaluation. Make sure to submit your self assessment to your coach via email by EOD today, Sunday, October 13th.

    Please ensure you are implementing your DDI action plan as planned during Data Day.

    Dean of Culture

    Our culture focus this week is around implemently local consequences and the ladder. Please look back at the logical consequence email for resources is sent out in quarter 1. If you need more support in this area please reach out! I will also be in classrooms this week conducting RTI Behavior fidelity checks as well. Welcome back and let’s continue to build a no opt out and 100% culture. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! EVERY CHILD…WILL LEARN!!!

    This week’s WIG WINNER IS...

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    Dean of SEL

    This week we will continue our focus on appropriate and safe touch with our bodies. I will be using this curriculum during the rest of October. Additionally, I will be giving each GTL a packet with templates for leadership notebooks. Most of you have received your folders, but a few classroom sets are on the way!

    Please make sure that you have completed the individual counseling assessment and the classroom standards document. Thank you for your continued support and hard work!

    LIM: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. Ask friends how they are feeling. Look at people’s faces and body language to connect with them. Listen, and wait for your turn to talk.

    Upcoming Events

    Oct. 13th

    Teacher TDR Self Scores Due

    Oct. 15th

    Well Child Visit

    Oct. 16th

    Custodian Appreciation Day

    K-2 is decorating the custodian closets

    Oct. 18th

    Required Report Cards Conferences

    Oct. 21st-25th

    Book Fair

    Oct. 22nd

    Field Trips (K and 2nd)

    Oct. 24th

    Fall Festival

    Oct. 25th

    AgMo PD & Insight Survey

    Oct. 31st

    Progress Report


    Parent Conferences

    This Friday, October 18th we will have parent/teacher conferences instead of PD. Phone calls were made and a blast was sent out on October 4th to families with required conferences. Another blast will be sent on October 14th. We tried to make as many calls as possible during data day. We will try to complete calls again tomorrow however teachers will also have to make calls for those that we couldn't reach. Attached here you will see the required conference call list. We are still in the process of cross referencing ths with the online sign up list and will have it updated by 3pm Monday. If you are requesting admin support for conferences do not forget to capture that here!

    Also, a reminder that the dress is professional as outlined below from our HR Handbook. If you have any questions about dress expectations please reach out!

    **Parent Conferences/ Special Events Dress Expectations**

    Women may wear a professional dress, suit, or dressy slacks with a dress blouse. Conservative jewelry and heels, flats, or loafers are acceptable. Men may wear a collared button down shirt and slacks – tie and sport coat are optional but encouraged.

    Quarter 1 Certificates

    Master copies of the certificates were passed out to teams during Data Day. Please make the number of copies you need, sign them, and send them home with the scholar's report cards packet Thursday, October 17th for families that do not have required conferences. If you have any questions reach out to your grade level lead.

    Staff Absences

    Oct. 17th

    Molly Jackson (Admin)

    *Out at 1pm

    Oct. 18th

    Olivia Pelletiere (2nd)

    Victoria Gamble (Related Arts)

    **1/2 day AM

    Anya Whipkey (2nd)

    **1/2 day PM

    Shout Outs

    Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

    Dr. Tianay Perrault

    Lower Elementary School Principal