Operation JJ

Shhhhhh.....it's a secret.

Operation Juice Joint -- or Speakeasy Simulation

Join us on Tuesday April 1, 2014 for what promises to be the bee's knees, without being the real McCoy. We will be wearing all the swanky garb without being wet blankets. The jalopies will be bringing the Molls, Big Cheese, and all the dolls will be there so leave the fire extinguishers at home. Come out for the cat's pajamas of good times!

Speakeasy Simulation

Tuesday, April 1st, 11:30am

Salisbury High School Room 136

Just look for what you are not supposed to find.
11:35 - Arrival will begin (be sure to secure the secret word or knock)
11:40-11:45 - Mingling will commence
11:45-12:45 - "Structured Conversation"
12:45 - you may want to clear out before the pinch is on.