Lets Help People Have More Birthday

Lets Raise Money For Breast And Lung Cancer!

About Our Fundraiser

At this event we will raise money for Lung and Breast Cancer. There will be games, food, and music at this fundraiser. You will need to pay for entry, tickets, and food. we will earn money to find cures on Breast an Lung Cancer. This will help some people with cancer have some hope.

A Breast and Lung Cancer Fundraiser

Friday, March 7th, 4:30-6:30pm

2195 Blevin Rd

Yuba City, CA

It will be in the school's multipurpose room. There will be games around the whole school but the fundraiser will be at the multipurpose room and the food will be by the school's front office.

The things that will happen at the fundraiser.

The games will be by the school's track

The food will be by the school's front office

The actual fundraiser will be at the school's front office

See you at the Fundraiser.

The Fundraiser is going to help the elderly, young, and middle aged people. Then after the fundraiser we are going to the cancer hospital that we will be giving the money to and will give them the money we earned.