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Deciding to go Blended is one thing but having the mindset and ability to create a blended learning classroom is another. We have created the Personal Blend Rate (PBR) to determine the Blended Learning level of readiness for educators. Click here to find out what the level of your current Personal Blend Rate

Types of Blended Learning Cooks

Other Blended Learning Bootcamps in 2015

Cann't make it to the Blended Learning Bootcamp on June 16th? Don't worry, we will be traveling around country throughout the summer.

Check out the Blended Learning Bootcamp website to find out more information.

Learn More about The Blended Learning Bootcamps

The Blended Learning movement is crossing the nation at a fast pace with schools and classroom implementing the model into everyday student routine. The Blended Learning Cookbook website provides the teachers a outlook of how to start to use the different ingredients of blended learning to effectively create a working blended learning classroom.

The website is set up with different learning chapters on blended learning. The teachers will explore how to use data to drive the blended learning classroom, how to integrate technology and hands on activities, as well as how to generate quality blended learning lesson plans.

Get a sneak peak at the Blended Learning Cookbook and the Blended Learning Bootcamps

DSD Professional Devleopment

Making Every Moment Count! Learn more about DSD Professional Development and the workshop that they are providing at,,