Their followers are called muslins

Main Belifes

They believe in their god Allah and the prophet Muhammad. Christians has the 10 commandments Islams have the 5 pillras. They are prayer, believe, pilgrimage, fast, chardy. Their churches are called Mosque they are big churches. The leaders of Islamic churches are called Imams they lead the services. Islams have many holy days but the most important is Ramadan which is a fast for 11 to 16 hours. Mecca is the holiest city to the Islams. Their holy book is Quran It is a roll of scrolls.
This is the holiest place to the Islam religion it is called Mecca. they are sopost to go there once in their life.
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3 Main religions

In the 3 main religions they believe in one god which is called moteotheism and they have a same common figer which is called Aberham.