★ Washington D.C

▶ Where you will go ?

- we will go to Washington D.C and

▶ why you want to go there?

-Washington D.C is capital city of U.S.A and there is famous library. Washington D.C's library is very huge and many books to read.

▶what you will do.

-we will reaing many books

★ San antonio, Texas !

▶ where you wiil go?

- we will go to river-walk.

▶why you want to go there?

-River-Walk's most famous thing is river taxi. We will do sightseeing there and take a photo near by river-walk. We cannot take a river taxi in korea, so I'm shake. In night very beautiful lights it will be amazing.

The San Antonio River Walk San Antonio, Texas ( Paseo del Rio )

★ Los angeles California.

▶where you will go?

- we will go to Los angeles California.

▶why you want to go there?

- 133300kim dong min was went to santaclala in California. when I was 18 years old.

I want to go Disney Land in southern California again. In there 70percent of members in town. We will eat pasta in Santa Clara. And we will go to legoland and take a pictures.