Maggie Richardson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Getting There

Dubai is directly located at the Southern Eastern coast of the Persian Gulf. It will be very easy to locate my hotel because it is the tallest Residential building/Hotel in the whole World!! Its currently at 414 meters high and there is 8 shops located inside of the Hotel.

FlIGHT INFORMATION: I am flying with Brittish Airways to Dubai. I am leaving at 5:40 pm January 10th 2015. We will arive at 9:30am and I have a 3hr and 15 minute layover. Our second flight is to Dubai is 12:45 to 11:35 and then we are finally in Dubai.

The total price for a roundtrip is $1,319 ,both ways. The total hours we will be traveling is 18hours.

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Some really fun activities to do in Dubai, are,

The lost city is an island created from nothing with construction of the Palm Jumirah also there is a class waterpark named "Aqua Adventure"

Another activity you can enjoy is sandboarding, you can travel across the dubai dessert by using 4WD. Also you can go to the Ferrari Theme park.

And dont forget Yas Waterworld and Burji Al Arab's Tennis court

Where to Stay

The perfect resort to stay at is Tameers Princess Tower it has a very phenomenal view from the top of the apartments. Providing 107 floors for its customers. It has high speed elevators. It also has 3 bedrooms, beachfront view, Television, DVD player, and satelite, Fishing, Tennis, and snorkeling, also with a community pool inside the Apartment/hotel and outside. It has very cheap prices for 171.60 a night! The land area is 37,410 square feet!!! It has been open since 2012, so it is very new! It is also the tallest residential tower in the world. Those are the reasons I chose to stay a this marvelous hotel!

History and Culture

To start off, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1830.

It is very important that when you or someone else visits Dubai they have to obey and must respect the rules of that country and behave suitably.

Dubai is famously known as the entertainment capital of the middle east.

Most emirates in Dubai are islamic.


Some problems you could face in Dubai, would be the language because they do not speak English and you do not want to say the wrong word and have it offend a Dubai citizen. A few more major problems you can run into would be the Driving rules, for example you don't know which side to drive on and you do not know weather to go on red or stop on green, and Dubai is a whole different country so it could be completely different than the U.S. Now, this a probably the most biggest problem you will face if you go to Dubai, the Police/Security because you don't know how late you can stay out if you perhaps are under the influence. Also, you do not know Dubai's punishments for getting in trouble. Lastly but not least money, this could be a problem because if they said 10 euros you wouldn't know how much that is in dollars. So I would recommend that you research these topics.


People who visit Dubai, will certainly be impressed with their culture, securtiy, Activities, Hotels and their fabulous atmosphere. You definitely have to remember to study and research Dubai's challenges and you will have the perfect stay!

About the Traveler

My name is Maggie Richardson and I'm 12 years old, I come from Show Low Arizona, where my brother Ross and I were born. I was raised there for almost two years and then my family and I moved to Loveland Colorado and then to Westminster. My family loves to travel, we have traveled a lot! I have been to 28 states in the U.S. The best trip I have been on, in my opinion is Hawaii, I love traveling to beach places, I'm not really into moutain trips unless they are out of state. My brother and I have never been out of the U.S so we've never been out of the country before. I have played soccer, dance, and Gymnastics, But for right now I do dance. My family is very important to my life because they have given me support and confidence in what choices I make. When I grow up I want to be a veternarian because I love animals, expecially Dogs! It all started when I got my 2nd dog (a west highland white terrier) because I was older and he is a big value to my life. Also because I recently got a Scottish terrier. These are the most important things to know about me, Maggie Richardson.