J&K Weekly

Volume 2 Iss. 1

The Comeback Newspaper

Well, after 2 years, it's good to be posting J&K Weeklys again! We looked back at the dates, and almost two years ago exactly, we published our first newspaper. We had a total of 24 readers, and we created new articles each week. As a very early New Year's Resolution, we have decided to keep up with our newspaper. Now don't hold us to publishing one every Friday, because junior high is hard to manage! Keep reading!

-Jenna and Kayci

Pieces of History

In Seattle, Washington, the famed gum wall near Pike Place market has been cleaned. It has been an national tourist attraction for a long time, but all of that sugary goodness has attracted rats- and a lot of them! For many people, visiting Seattle means buying a shiny new pack of Juicy Fruit. But for people who work in the nearby market, it is unsanitary with the rats and all of the stickiness and dirt that comes with gum. But even though they scraped away many years of memories, visitors are even more determined to cover it once again!

By Kayci Pharaon

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