Strength Based Leadship

Learning How I Can Lead

Executing (Consistency)

  1. Predictable with Standard Procedures
  2. Don't like being caught off guard, no surprises
  3. Objective fact based voice in meetings
  4. Creating an agenda and sticking to it (step by step)
  5. Lack of order is inefficient

Relationship Building (Relator and Harmony)

  1. Business is business
  2. Collaboration time is time to resolve issues
  3. Concentrate on facts, don't let emotions get in the way
  4. Fair and equal

Strategic Thinking (Context and Learner)

  1. Learn from past mistake
  2. Unraveling the mystery
  3. A continual learner
  4. Carefully and methodically think things through
  5. Steal great ideas from others
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good teamwork and bad teamwork