Definition: Getting back up and trying again no matter what


Persevering is not just winning a game its about getting back up when you loose the game and not getting too upset if you do bad. You get back up and try again.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a very inspirational person who had to face lots of hard adversities in his life. He was offered to play on the Dodgers he was called lots of horrible names when he was up to bat he persevered through his adversity's he was one of the best African Americans. He made history and everyone remembers him for his great accomplishments. His number 42 was retired from baseball. People called him racial names that hurt his feelings but they made him determined to play even better than he did before. He always had rough times in his life but he was resilient and never gave up. He gave speeches on discrimination and he helped break the color barrier. He was the complete opposite of an inadequate person. To this day people wish they were as courageous as him.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt had a rough childhood her mom called her names like ugly ducking. She didn't have many friends and she wasn't the prettiest kid on the street. She was often the idle one in her family because no one cared for her. Her life finally started changing when she got older and married teddy Roosevelt. She started going to party's with all of the rich and fancy people. When teddy got sick she began to get involved with Politics and she gave speeches on racial problems. She also donated her time to soup kitchens and she helped out little kids. Soon she had a kid of her own and she adored her. She was very inspirational to people in politics and the little kids she helped. When Franklin died it made her realize that she was very strong and brave. She didn't need anyone's help for what she did she was her own role model. She was proud of herself for coming so far and getting over her adversity's like her parents dying when she was young. People liked her because she was so

Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill helped fight in World War 2 by, Setting off bombs and helping kill troops and enemies. Secondly he was the Prime Minister for Great Britain. He was a courageous person who wasn't afraid of anything. Lastly he gave many inspirational speeches. He helped many people get through their adversities. He made people try and be a better person than they were the day before. He eventually began to write books and they were very popular through out time. When he passed away in 1965 people were very sad but they will always remember him for his great accomplishments.

Kid President

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Losing to win

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Today we can learn from others hard ships by learning their story and the tough things they had to face. They were so inspirational today we can look at how determined they were. They set a goal for themselves and they were convicted sometimes but they persevered through their tough times like in the carp gives a lesson the carp didn't walk away from the biscuit it hit the ice harder until it broke it. Also Jackie Robinson didn't get upset when people made fun of him he took a deep breath and tired again somethings that we could all do when we get frustrated with ourselves when we are trying to reach a goal. We all persevere every day and that's because the wonderful people before us did to.