GenNET Online Learning


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Why GenNET Online Learning?

The GenNET Online Learning Portal offers a variety of online learning options for Michigan students in grades 5-12. The Portal is designed to be user friendly and offers a wide variety of courses including core subjects, electives, advanced placement, and credit recovery. Our "one stop shopping," simplified invoicing, 24/7 Portal access, and dedicated customer service are all part of our ongoing commitment to assist all Michigan schools with their online learning needs.


GenNET Online Learning is ready to enroll 21f students! We have over 800 courses listed in the State-wide catalog from which students and parents can choose up to two courses per semester, and will be adding additional courses throughout the year. Contact us if you have questions about our courses and/or which courses on the Portal meet 21f requirements.

50-A and Seat Time Waiver

GenNET Online Learning and Genesee ISD remain committed to providing quality online courses at discounted rates. There are over 1,000 courses on the Portal ( for 50-A students and Seat Time Waiver students, and schools can still use Genesee ISD's Seat Time Waiver when enrolling STW students in courses on the Portal.

Benefits of Using GenNET Online Learning

  • The GenNET Online Learning Portal serves hundreds of Michigan schools, and we are dedicated to providing online learning solutions for all students.
  • All courses (1,000 +) on the GenNET Portal are discounted.
  • Course providers are carefully screened, and we have 8 providers on our Portal from which to choose courses (offering great variety).
  • Invoicing is simplified - schools receive invoices from GenNET for the courses and materials they purchase (no hidden fees).
  • GenNET staff are happy to assist with all phases of the enrollment process, including drops, extensions, etc.
  • All Michigan schools wishing to enroll Seat Time Waiver students can do so through the Portal, and have the option of using Genesee ISD's waiver.