Our Country's Symbol

Statue of Liberty

 •Locaton an island in New York Harbor.•Stands for hope and freedom•Gift from the people of France•Dedicated on October 28, 1886

Liberty Bell

 •Stands for freedom•Got it’s name from the abolitionists (slavery)•Was rung to signal the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.•Became unable to ring on Washington's birthday 1846

The Capitol Building

 •Located in Washington D.C.•Where the leaders of our country meet.•Took over 150 years to evolve to where it is today.

Bald Eagle

 •Was named our country’s bird in 1782.•One meaning of bald is having white feathers on the head.•Long Life•Great Strength

American Flag

 •Famous symbol of freedom.•Stripes stand for original 13 colonies•Stars stand for 50 states•Has changed several times over the years.June 14 is Flag Day.

Star Spangled Banner

 •National Anthem•Written by Francis Scott Key•Composed during the War of 1812•Has four verses