East Middle School

You will live

Welcome to East Middle School

If you are new to EMS then you will have a fun time with your easy schedule and nice kids to be friends with and teachers.
Joplin East Middle School

How to join band and choir

Although your parents are mad that you are doing band or choir and want you to quit and all that stuff just go for it and ignore your parents. It is also found in the front of the school and over by the room covered in glass.

Extras Things To Do

There are extra things to do like bum crew and play and other clubs also sports in 7th grade. Also they are after school so if you have any thing then tell them you wont be there then or dont join if you know you cant make it because then they wasted a place in that club or sport

Here are some diffrent places you might go to.

What Type Of Sports You Can Play Next Year Or Now

Cross country, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Soccer, Volleyball. also you need a ride home because there is no bus that will take you home and sometimes you might practice somewhere else too.


  • Band is were you play an instrument and play songs.
  • Choir is were you sing songs with other people and play solo's
  • EMS East Middle School
  • schedule it helps you get to your places and has your locker number and combo