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Welcome to May! This is our learning for the week of Monday, April 30th - Friday, May 4th.
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Time and Date Changes to School Schedule and Calendar

I am sure by now you have received the communication from the district about the time change and the days added on after memorial day.

30 additional minutes were added on to the school days beginning next Monday, April 23rd. School will start at 7:40 a.m. Classroom doors will open at 7:30 a.m. Our school day will end at 3:10 p.m. If your child is a car rider, they will need to be picked up from the North lot by 3:20 p.m.

Additional days were added after Memorial Day so therefore, we will have school on Tuesday, May 29th, Wednesday, May 30th, and last day of school will be Thursday, May 31st. We will celebrate our last day on Thursday, May 31st.

Please let me know if you have any questions as we move forward. More information will come home in the coming weeks about how our days will reflect these changes as well as the calendar changes. Please let me know if you have any questions as we move forward. Thanks for your help as we all make these adjustments.

Morning Meeting

During our morning meeting this week, we are working on greeting each other and making eye contact as we do it. We have been working on greeting each other with a right fist bump and being confident about which one is our right hand. Many children know the difference but still defer to me to help. I am working on having them identify it without my help when they know! We continue to work on not talking when it is not our turn. We are practicing using eye contact for the two children who are doing the greeting. We began playing a new game to work on our sight words called four corners. In each corner of the classroom, there is a sight word. We each choose a corner while I count backwards and I pick corners (with my eyes closed) until there is only one player remaining. We will work on some strategies as we play this game more.

Literacy Learning

We grew as readers and writers this week as we explored various versions of non-fiction and fiction books related to planting and weather. We listened to From Seed to Plant and began writing how to directions for How to Plant a Seed. We listened to Sunflower house and continued to work on our directions using interactive writing.

After listening to The Rain Came Down, we used colored blocks to retell the story. There is a lot of cause and effect in this story so we used it to talk about how our choices and decisions, even our mood affect others! We visited the library for an author visit by David Titus! Ask me about it.

During our independent time, we worked on our independence in our writing folders. We are working on writing complete sentences and staying on topic when we write. We are also working on spelling sight words correctly and using our resources to be independent writers!

During our small group time, we worked with the word with, listened to Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes and worked on identifying the problem in the story. We also practiced writing lowercase letters e and i. Some of us played games to help us build our stamina with Mrs. Shewey and Ms. Bartlett.

Words To Know...

This week, we worked on went and with. We are continually mixing these words up when we play four corners as well as when we are using them when we write.

We have been playing four corners to help us practice! We are working on using all of these words appropriately in sentences as well as identifying and writing it. You can also work on your child's fluency by combining sight words to make sentences to read such as I can see a ________________ or I have a ____________________.

Words We Have Learned:

  • a
  • I
  • see
  • can
  • the
  • we
  • to
  • like
  • and
  • you
  • go
  • my
  • said
  • little
  • is
  • my
  • it
  • are
  • have
  • here
  • dog
  • went
  • what
  • he
  • she
  • but
  • up

Math Matters!

During math this week, we worked on counting to measure time. We practiced counting from different starting points with interrupted counting. We also worked with subtraction using dice. One of the most common misconceptions with subtraction is putting the largest number first in the number sentence. We talked about the total being the largest number. We also used craft stick bundles to work with place value. We worked with subtraction playing a game called car races. We worked on finding the missing part of 10.

During our small group time, we worked on sorting number representations for 11 and 15, writing missing numbers on a number grid (we are really working on our tracking and number placement), played math games such as Top-It and Train Games, geoboards, and worked with twenty frames.

Ask Me About...

  • My favorite book we read this week. Can your child identify the difference between a fiction and non-fiction book?
  • Make a connection in a story you read - can they tell you about something the character did or had happen to them and how it made them think of something that they have done or has happened to them?
  • Can they use their schema (what they know) to make a prediction when you are reading a story at home? What can your child infer when they look at pictures of the book?
  • Skip count by 5's or 10's to 100! Use nickels or dimes to practice.
  • Skip count by 2's to 20.
  • Give your child a number. Is it even or odd? We are working on understanding the difference.
  • Count backwards from 20 to 0.
  • Sort loose coins - can I identify the different coins? What's their value?
  • Sort items by length - either from longest to shortest or vice versa.
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Upcoming Events

Friday, May 4th- Hat Day for $1 Donation to Monroe Fundraisers

Friday, May 4th - Super Kid's Day

Wednesday, May 9th - National Walk or Bike to School Day

Tuesday, May 15th - Monroe Sonic Night

Thursday, May 17: Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Tie Dye T-Shirts

Friday, May 18: I Scream, You Scream, We All Like Ice Cream!

Monday, May 21: Pancakes and Pajamas

Tuesday, May 22: Lettuce “Taco” About A Great Year

Wednesday, May 23: One Smart Cookie!

Thursday, May 24: Thunder Thursday

Friday, May 25: Oh! The Places You’ll Go! - Kindergarten Recognition

Tuesday, May 29: Arr Matey! Treasure Hunt Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 30: Popsicles in the Park

Thursday, May 31: Last Day! Hooray!

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