The nurse shark

Names of Shark

Scientific name- Ginglymostoma cirratum

Family- Ginglymostomatidae

Order- Orectolobiformes

Physical appearance

1. yellowish tan and dark brown

2. grow up to 8 or 9

3. way over 200 pounds

4. they look simpler to a catfish

5. juveniles get up to 6 feet

general iformation

  • size (0.75-4m)(4.25m)
  • lays eggs/ birth - they have eggs
  • life span 25 years

Feeding habits

nocturnal, scouting the sea bottom for crustaceans , molluscs and stingrays during the night


bottom dwelling shark lives near the cost line

Global distribution

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Some pictures of the nurse shark

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Ramdom fascinating tidbit

Caribbean waters are called cat sharks during the day they hide in caves and crevices