Kurzweil 3000 Software

Assistive Technology for Reading and More!

What is Kurzweil 3000?

  • Do you have a diverse range of abilities in your classroom?
  • Have you ever had difficulty finding an appropriately-leveled text for your class?
  • Have you found an amazing document you wanted to use in your teaching, only to realize that not all your students will be able to access it?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions. Kurzweil could be your answer!

Kurzweil is a text-to-speech computer software that allows users to scan and convert any printed or digital text so that it may be read aloud to a student. As Kurzweil 3000 reads the text, it has a unique dual highlighting feature that highlights the entire sentence the reader is working on and each word individually as it is being read in a separate color. Kurzweil has the unique ability to help students with both their knowledge of content and process in a variety of subjects as well as helping diverse learners meet their individual goals.

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Kurzweil 3000 - 2 Minute Quick Demo & Overview

Accomodating Specific Learning Goals

The Perfect Tool for An Inclusive Classroom

Kurzweil 3000 allows all students in a classroom, regardless of their reading ability, to access the same reading material. Students can now work in heterogeneous groups WITH THE SAME TEXT to grow and learn with a diverse population of peers.

Kurzweill 3000 Can Be Used to Meet Goals In/For Students With:

  • Comprehension: highlight text, take notes, including questions within text
  • Vocabulary: use dictionary to learn to words and save them in notes
  • Fluency: adjust reader voice and reading speed, convert text to audio file for listening,
  • Visual Tracking: dual highlighting and speed adjustments
  • Writing: word prediction software helps students use phonics to choose an appropriate word from a list of choices
  • Dsylexia/Disgraphia: read without anxiety, organize information directly from the text (avoid errors in note-taking that hinder retention of content)
  • ELLS: built in dictionary and thesaurus, pronunciation help, word-prediction software to help ELLs as they write
  • Testing Accommodations: include multiple choice, fill in the blank, and even essay questions within the program
  • Customizable: Create learning profiles for individual children, adjust font size and color, reader voice, reader speed

Classroom Implementation Strategies


Ready to Start Using Kurzweil 3000?

  1. Teachers need training. YouTube offers free tutorials of all features. At least 1-3 hours are needed to watch videos and explore the software.
  2. Paraprofessionals need training. Individuals working 1:1 with students should attend training.
  3. Students need training. Students need basic skills such as pointing, clicking, and dragging the cursor to select text. They need a basic understanding of the basic interface in order to use the software and select the appropriate commands.

How Can We Get Ready?

How Can We Get Students Ready?

Start each day with a 5 minute skill-building workshop during Morning Meeting.

  1. Show students the basic commands of the software and "think aloud" as you operate it.
  2. Read a short passage, poem, story that pertains to the season, weather, current events, or current unit of study together using Kurzweil 3000.
  3. Allow students a chance to use a feature you will be targeting such as the highlighter or dictionary.
  4. Implement during Guided Reading or small group work to give additional training and exploration time for students.

Within 2-3 weeks, most students should be able to use the features when given a text and others will need some support/monitoring. More training may be needed, depending on grade level, to allow students to locate their own texts/documents.

Kurzweil 3000 v11 - Text-to-Speech - Complete Overview

Additional Features

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  • Can be used from grades 3- Adult
  • Comes pre-loaded with 1,000 electronic texts (all genres)
  • Files can be converted to multiple formats and used as MP3s/MP4s for listening and viewing multiple times
  • Can be accessed from any computer with Internet and software installation
  • Students can have their own username/password to save their information and track their progress
  • Ability to be mobilized with a FREE app: Firefly

Company Information

Pricing Information: Kurzweil Educational Sytems/Cambium Learning Group

Kurzweil 3000 Macintosh - Version 5: $1,395.00

"Grade: 3 - Adult Kurzweil 3000® is an integrated reading, writing, and study skill support software that enables struggling readers in grades 3 and above to learn from the same content as their peers.

Kurzweil 3000 provides multisensory access to virtually any text or curriculum, including print, electronic, and web-based material–so students learn from grade appropriate content, develop valuable study skills, and become independent learners.

Technical Requirements