What is Coding?

What is coding and how is it used?

What is Coding? Why is it important?

Coding is what makes it possible for us to have computer software, apps and websites. If their was no coding then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any website would be a on the internet because they are all made with code.

What are 5 different types of Coding?

1. Source Coding- Code data to more efficiently represent the information.

2. Channel Coding- Code data for transmition over a noisy communication channel.

3. Binary Coding- Represents text or computer processor instructions that using the binary number system.

4. Java- Java is programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet.

5. SQL (Structured Query Language)- A standard interactive and programming language for getting information from and updating a database.

What are the benefits of coding?

After learning code it could help with a lot of different things, such as; you can disign websites for other people, you can making a living out of it too. you can become a game disigner and code stuff to make the game work, or you can make a social media account and get a lot of money.


CodeHS is what i used to help me learn coding. CodeHS gives you examples of stuff you can follow and learn how to do yourself. Hour of code helps you learn the basics of coding, SQL helps with data searching and after that experience i realized i have learned a lot.

Here's an example of coding i have done on Hour of Code: https://codehs.com/share/q21joaFgdA70ualVSvaQ


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