How the Monkey Got Long Arms

By Emma zocharski why story

How the Monkey Got Long Arms

Long ago there lived a monkey, and his two friends pig and gorilla. One day all of the friends traveled to the island that they was known as Hawaii now, but then it was called vainapoolin. Well when the 3 friends were traveling the island there was a storm in the making, when the friend were walking their was a big drop of sticky green goop. Right when it fell on to the gorilla it stuck to his fur and all of them took off running, as they ran the goop fell harder and in bigger balls, so the pig found a big pile of mud and covered himself in it, the gorilla found the biggest tree with the most leaves on it and hid in there and the monkey it grabbed on to the two trees closest together because his arms couldn't reach that far.

The storm went on and on stickier and stickier and windier and windier. The trees swayed and the monkeys arms started to stretch " owwwwwwww" said the monkey " let go if it hurts so bad." Said the pig, "I'm trying but the goop made my arms stick to the tree." The wind kept getting stronger and the goop got bigger. Soon enough the trees were almost out of the ground "it hurts" screamed the monkey. Finally the strange storm ended and the gorilla and the pig got up " goodness that was a strange storm" said the pig.

"I know"said the gorilla.

" a little help please" said the monkey. " how come you guys didn't get all sticky and I did?" Said the monkey. " well you weren't covered up," said the pig."we'll help because this hurts!" Yelled the monkey. So the pig went and picked up the least sticky branch and the gorilla pulled the monkeys arms as the pig put the stick in between the tree trunk and his hand. Pop "their is one hand now the other" said the pig. The gorilla pulled his big body to the other side of the tree and pulled. Pop "there is that better" said the pig. The monkey fell to the ground, he pulled himself up and his arms sagged so much that they touched the ground. "Oh look at me I have long arms" said the monkey.

a couple of years latter the monkey had his own wife and kids and all of the kids had long arms just like their dad now ever since that day all monkeys have long arms.