Mikeila Mcclure

Fast Facts

Do you know about Germany? Here are some fast facts to help you out! * Continent-Europe * Capital-Berlin *Population- 80,854,408 Area- 137,847 *Main Language-German *Main Religion- Roman Catholic Church *4184.75

Culture 1 food

In Germany you eat with a fork in your left hand. Then you would have a knife in your right hand. You can use one hand if you have a certain dry food item. When eating you should you should have your wrist on the edge of the table. There most common beverage is beer, wine, sodas, and more! If your out with friends you pay for your own food and give a tip to the waitress.

Culture 2 Gestures

If you chew gum while talking that will be disrespect. If you are chewing gum and your 30 or more you would stand out. While talking keep your hand out your pocket it is also found rude. If you point a finger at someone's head you would be mean. Instead of crossing your fingers you cross your thumbs for good luck.

Culture 3 Greetings

If you are a man wait for the woman to shake your hand. If you are in a group don't cross someone else's hand. Even if you don't know them smile at a stranger it is considered nice. Only family and friends go by first name bases strangers go by last name. Learn the language Herr-Mr. a Frau is a Mrs.

Culture 4 Trends

Current European trends are the thing. If your clothes are sloppy or your overly dressed then that's inappropriate. Women will wear cosmetic sparingly. Most Bavaria wear traditional clothes. Lederhosen, Dirndkeider, traditional clothes.

Culture 5 Celebrating

Fasching November,11- January, Feb, March are celebrated. Sylvester (Dec 31). Easter is the same time. Christmas people eat goose.German unification is on Oct.3