Superintendent's Workforce Guide

Winter Edition

Workforce Supports for Michigan Superintendents

Welcome to the winter 2020-21 edition of the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Educator Excellence, Superintendent's Workforce Guide. In the links below you will find guidance on topics related to:
  • Growing the Local Education Workforce
  • Educator Recognition
  • Educator Certification, Placement, and Permits
  • Educator Evaluation
  • Michigan Code of Ethics

The video clip below provides a quick overview of the linked resources provided in this edition of the workforce guide.

2020-21 Winter Supt. Workforce Guide

Growing the local Educator Workforce

Recruiting and developing local educators requires creativity and the ability to utilize multiple methods to build and adapt to staffing needs. Consider these resources to support educator development.

Educator Recognition

Michigan’s educators are among the nation’s best and it’s important to highlight the incredible work they do every day to provide our next generation with a high-quality education. Educator recognition is a key component in an effective educator retention strategy. Learn about state and national recognition programs to help shine the spotlight on the all-too-often unsung heroes in our schools across the state.

Certification, Placement and Permit Resources

There are many solutions to address staffing challenges; understanding the options for teacher placement, permits, and authorizations can help maximize available human resources.

Educator Evaluation Updates

Educator Evaluation was waived for the majority of educators for the 2019-20 school year. Review the resources below for updates and supports for the 2020-21 school year.

Michigan Code of Educational Ethics

The Michigan Code of Educational Ethics (2019) provides principles for best practice, mindfulness, self-reflection, and decision-making – setting the groundwork for self-regulation and self-accountability. The establishment of this Code honors the public trust and upholds the dignity of education across the state.

Michigan Department of Education: Office of Educator Excellence

The Office of Educator Excellence serves the community by providing whole-child centered resources to ensure every student in the P-20 system has equitable access to a high-quality, barrier-free system of education professionals. This is accomplished by the recruitment, preparation, certification, development, support, retention, and recognition of educators through collaboration with internal and external partners.

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