Secondary Update

Monday 6th June

Thanks go to...

Everyone involved in both our graduation events last week

Staff who helped with Y6->7 Transition Day on Friday

Andrea and Rob for the HKUPA Ultimate Frisbee tournament on Wednesday

Brian, Imogen and all who helped organise and invigilate exams for the past month - all done!

Colleagues in the Music Department for a wonderful Ensemble Evening

Parent views on praise

I met with a group of parents a couple of weeks back and listened as they spoke about their kids' experience at DC. They were full of positivity for our school but one point that came through very strongly was how much they valued hearing from teachers about good things that their child had done. They cited the example of one teacher who made it a habit to notice good things that members of his Learning Team had done during the week and then pick up the phone on Friday and let parents know.

From the way the parents described these actions it is clear this was remarkably powerful. I would speculate that as well as making for a great moment between parent and child it also served to solidify the vital relationship between parent and teachers as well.

So this inspired me, and I am hoping by telling you this it might inspire you too! There are three weeks to go of the term, and many of the things that will be happening around the school right now are showcases of what students have learned and achieved over the past few months - no doubt containing a wealth of opportunities to praise students for what they have done, and particularly for any challenges they have overcome along the way. I wonder what good things might result if we all found three examples between now and the end of term of students being amazing, and found a way (e.g. postcards!) to reflect this to their parents?

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SLT are talking about...

- Reflections from CPD last weekend and how to capture the great ideas that emerged about ATLs, IDUs, Community Engagement and Formative Assessment

- the language we use in reporting

- DP students' independent study out of hours and whether we should enforce a stricter 'cut off' time

- how to manage situations where students struggle to meet CE / CAS requirements

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