The Scarlet Letter

Chapter 22: The Procession


A procession with armed soliers and the town fathers in it passes by the town folk, and Dimmesdale follows the town fathers. Mistress Hibbins talks to Hester about Dimmesdale. Pearl barely remembers the minister. Hester listens to Dimmesdale's sermon, and gets a message from Chillingworth that he will board with Dimmesdale but that Hester must attend to herself and the child. Then Hester notices that everyone is staring at her.


1: Hester notices that Dimmesdale looks much healthier and energetic than he has in a while. 2: Hester recieves a message from Chillingworth saying he will take Dimmesdale on board, and that Hester should attend only to herself and the child.


1: Pearl barely remembers Dimmesdale. 2: She says she is tempted to give Dimmesdale a kiss of her own. 3: Brings Hester a message


Gives a sermon


Mentioned in the chapter, but is not actually "in" the chapter.