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Making an animation isn't as hard as you think it is, just to make a simple animation, you can use house hold things such as post-it notes and even just a few pieces of paper will do!

Of course, you will also need pencils, rubbers etc.

Seeing Animation

Animation is the fast display of moving pictures to create the effect of motion. The way we see animation it that the first frame is seen and we remember that picture first then, when the frames start to go, it seems like the picture is moving and that creates that effect of motion!


There isn't just one type of animation that you can make. The easiest animation to make is called "Stop-Motion Animation" and in this animation, you can use toys, or almost any type of physical model! (Clay is often used since it is easily shaped and is very malleable, this why it is sometimes called Claymation as well!) Next, all you have to do is take a frame or picture of your model in the position you want it to be. Then, you can just slightly move the angle of the camera, or you can adjust the pose of your model just a little bit and then take another frame. This process is repeated until you are happy with your animation!

Claymation, stop motion animation, Heartbeats

2D animation

2D animation is quite similar to making Claymation except it is a little bit complicated as instead of taking pictures as frames, you have to draw each frame and it is a bit difficult to trace a drawing so that it appears to move. Sometimes, it does help to have a soft ware to assist you in tracing a previous frame.