Sand cats

By: Abby

Whats on the menu for sand cats ?

Sand cats are hungry animals. They usually eat Birds,Repttiles and more. What they drink is milk from their mom & water from the streem . The only thing that they eat is alot of meat . I know it is a menu out their in the wild . Where they live is a food paridice for them, and they have a big aptit . They love every thing that they eat . .After one meal their stumics are full of meat .

Whats new on cat facts?

Is it so amazing that sand cats look like real sand, and problity no outher animale can blind in more than sand cats. Athough sand catslook so cute & cuddaly ,but they are very dangores. Athough they tend to not like people , they are still good animals to reserch . They heer far far away. They also see reely far to.

Where do sand cats live?

sand cats live in Africa and asia because it is very hot there . since it is cold at night they cudol with the outher sand cats. they mostly live in caves . This helps them keep warm under grownd . they can stand freezing to 100 dagrees . they also put their paws in the sand to keep warm .

whats going on in the body?

When sand cats grow up they look so tan , gray and some times black . They waig about 39 threw 80grames and their tail is 29 threw 35cm . They use their claw to kill animals and they have evary thick hair. they lick there selve to be clean . they eat a lot for the winter .