By Corey Kuempel (pd. 1) 1-19-16

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Andrew Jackson poltical cartoon

This is the most popular cartoon about Andrew Jackson where it depicts him as the "many headed Monster" because he showed so many different hats during his presidency. Sometimes he was nice, other times he was mean and evil which people did not trust. Other politicians would have to juggle his personalities and figure out how to work with him. Overall, his presidency was filled with war and fighting against the British over territories.

Letter to the Editor: Positive Perspective

Dear Andrew Jackson,

We the American people are writing to you to thank you for enacting the Indian Removal Act. It has given us land in Georgia with plentiful resources to grow crops including cotton which will be profitable in the future. We can mine for gold in Georgia too!! We are so happy that you have moved the Indians off our land and to Oklahoma where we will feel safe and have farms to live on again. Thank you


The Plantation Farmers

Letter to the Editor: Negative Perspective

Dear Andrew Jackson,

We the Indians are very unhappy that we have lost over half of our tribe because of our journey across rugged and hard conditions to get to Oklahoma. The land in Oklahoma is very dry and hot which does not make for good conditions to farm and grow food. We will have a very hard time settling here easily without many setbacks. We hope that you can help us become safe and secure here in the area to build our homes for our family tribes. This will make our territory unsafe for others to travel through if we cannot make a treaty that we agree on together.


The Cherokee Indian tribe