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5 th November, 2013

Mobile phones

How did we get it?

My mother bought phone for me. And also bought her phone.

How much did it cost?

My phone cost about 600 litas. But I don't remember how much costed my mother's phone. Maybe about 300 litas.

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What plan do we use?

I use "Labas" plain and my mother use "Bitė" plain.

How much do we pay per month?

I pay five or ten litas per month. But I don't know how much does my mother pay. But I think about thirty litas per month.

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What is the use of a mobile phone for me and mother?

I use the phone, that I could chat with friends, call to my mother and use the internet. My mother use the phone, that she could call to family members, friends or someone else.

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