Red River (ox cart) FOR SALE


The Red River cart (ox) now only for $2,000

Used for oxens pulling the heavier weight that the human body can't carry or pull. Ox carts are usually pulled around with the people that own and work with them to bring the supplies of any kind.


*The Red River Cart was a large two-wheeled cart made of non-metallic material. It was mostly used for oxen but it can be used for horses or mules. The Red River Cart was used throughout the 19th century in the fur trade and in the westward expansion in Canada also in the United states.

* This picture one the right is the trails that the Red River ox Cart was used for.


More Info.

These trade routes ran from the location of present-day Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba across the international border and by a variety of routes across what is now the eastern part of North Dakota and western and central Minnesota to Manitoba and Saint Paul, Minnesota on the Mississippi.

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