Healthy Relationships

By: Lisa C.

Signs of a healthy relationship:

- You and your partner are always by each other's side to protect each other.

- You and your partner have little or no conflicts.

- You and your partner understand and trust each other.

- You and your partner give each other space.

- You and your partner accept for who each other are.

How can I get a healthy relationship?

Get to know your partner more! Always listen to their conversations and don't interrupt. Don't pretend that you understand the topic if you are not paying close attention to them. That will just make them have bad thoughts about you. Also, always trust and protect them. They will do the same to you, but don't be too clingy and give them a little privacy sometimes, because they'll just think you're weird if you do it too far. And, most importantly, since no one is totally perfect, accept all their flaws and imperfections, and be yourself to them.

How should I end a conflict with my partner when they get mad at me?

If they suddenly get upset but you didn't do anything wrong to them, then you should politely ask them why they are doing that. But if you caused the problem, then you should sincerely say "I'm sorry." to them and your relationship will be completely fixed. That is the sentence everyone wants to hear when they expect an apology.