Weekly Message

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 26~ 4.11.16

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Are you giving your all to your students?

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Teacher Resources:

The eduToolbox resource-sharing portal provides educators with access to instructional

plans, teaching strategies, assessment items, and professional learning materials. More

information at www.edutoolbox.org .

Evaluation: Self Scores

From now on, you are to enter your own self scores for your evaluations into TNCompass. You should've received an email at the beginning of the year with login information. Yo ucan get on here and see all of your evaluation data. The site is https://tdoe.tncompass.org/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f. Mrs. Jennifer will be sending out an email today with more information.

Last Day for Lesson Plans


Good News!! The week of April 18th will be the last week for lesson plans. Thanks so much for your hard work with them!! I appreciate it. We are doing great things here at Stigall.


Be Mindful....

I am totally for you taking your sick/personal days. You work hard! They are your hard earned days! Please just keep in mind that the more days you miss the less time you have in front of your students. Also keep in mind that the more you miss, the more others have to take up your slack.

Everyone has an assigned duty in the mornings and afternoons. It is your responsibility to get that covered, not mine, not Mia's and not the office, unless, you have to be absent at the last minute.

We are all here for the children and everything we do should be centered around them. When we are lacking in an area, they suffer the most.


I will be finishing up the remainder of mine this week. Please go ahead and compile information for your professionalism scores. We will start looking at those the first week in May.

Educational Assistant Evaluations

To all assistants, we will be meeting to go over your evaluation on Friday. Stop by anytime during the day to discuss and sign off.
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Have a wonderful day! Thanks for all you do!

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