Pollution is a major problem in our world, it's everywhere. You just can't miss it. It is caused by rubbish dumping, the emissions of cars and vehicles and chemicals. It effects not only us but also animals, it can injure them, make them seriously ill and even kill them. Contaminants are a big part of pollution because they can be in the air, water or soil. Some Contaminants are these ------->

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the effect of people throwing rubbish into the ocean.

6 billion kilograms are usually thrown into the sea every year, the majority is plastic. Did you know that for every 1 000 000 tons of oil that is shipped 1 ton is spilled. Another thing that surprises me was that every 8 seconds a child dies from contaminated water, that means that if there are more animals in the world many more will die. But wait, there's more, because of pollution in rivers fish lose their sense of smell?. OK, last one, did you know that 90% of China's ground water is polluted, yeah, that is crazy and some poor animals drink that water and don't know that it can risk their lives.

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is stopping our plants from growing so we sometimes don't grow the plants we could've grown without soil pollution. In the last century (100 years) the mining and manufacturing factories have been made a lot more and this causes the soil to be under buildings and so it is soil pollution. Did you know that when we put harmful pesticides and fertilizers nature can't stop it! This is because there are strong chemicals which cause soil pollution. Another reason for soil pollution is because when we are transporting oil sometimes there are leaks which causes oil to soak into soil causing soil pollution. The effects of soil pollution is terrible, sometimes animals eat grass which is contaminated by humans and kills them.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is probably the most common type of pollution, it is the waste from factories and is usually called smog. Something that I found out was that for every 8 people that die 1 of them was killed by air pollution, there will be even more animals which die which means that we are carelessly killing treasures that are just as important as us. You know the Great Wall in China, you can't see that from space but you can see China's air pollution which means that animals in China will die terribly.

Let's wipe out those contaminants and SAVE THE WORLD!!!