The Crusades

Why did the Crusades start?

  • Christians, Muslims, and Jews, all wanted to claim Jerusalem as their Holy City. This conflict would end up lasting for almost 200 years. There were 9 Crusades in total.
  • The Crusades started in 1095-1291.
  • The Arabs first took control of Jerusalem in 600 CE. They let Christians and Jewish pilgrims could live there as long as they paid their taxes.

The Start of the Crusades

  • The first crusade started in 1095 because a new group of Arabs took over Jerusalem and closed the city to all Christians and Jews. The pope made a volunteer army that had over 30,000 men. This was a great thing for peasants because it gave them a way to get away from the feudal system. They were promised that if they died, they would go to heaven.
  • After 2 years of harsh weather, hunger, and sicknesses, the Christian volunteer army won back Jerusalem.

The Crusades - Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15

The End of The Crusades

  • For the next 70 years, there were more crusades but they were more for personal needs rather than for Christianity. 200 years later, they lost interest and stopped asking for new crusaders.

Essential Questions

  1. What were the effects of the crusades on Europe?
  2. Why and how did the crusades start?