Intresting facts about canada that you didn't know

history of canada

The Canadian culture is heavily influenced by the French and English. This is because ever since the early 1500's European explorers from France and Ireland have helped form the basis of the Canadian culture. These two countries have so much influence because they were there start Canada's culture. Still to this day still parts of Canada speak French and same for the religion.

Where do peolpe live and Canada and why?

Most Canadians live in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The biggest reason people base where they live off of is trade a climate. These Provinces are near the US- Canada border. Since, the US and Canada have the longest trade border in the world there aren't as many tariffs. Another reason is that the climate is warmer because it is closer to the equator. One other reason people live where they live is because of natural resources. This is because they can get to them easier.
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Candian Government

Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy. Canada is one because the British monarchy, a king or queen, is head of state. Since the monarchy doesn't live in Canada the queen or king chooses a governor-general. The citizens get to vote for the Prime Minister. They can start voting when they are 18, but they don't have to. The citizens can't vote for the queen or king.