Cyber Bullying

Ryan halligan loses his life

Cyber Bullying and peer pressure.

-30% of 8th graders have used illicit drugs due to peer pressure.

--160,000 kids miss school every day for fear of being bullied.

-Those with disabilities or who are different suffer bullying 65% more than others


  • 33% admitted to bullying others.
  • 43% said they were bullied.
  • When bullied: 45% fought back, 31% kept quiet, 15% reported it, and 6% ran away
  • 51% reported the bully suffered no consequences.
  • Most reported bullying occurred in the: Classroom, Gym, Lunchroom
  • Most reported they were abused: Verbally, Physically, or Cyber Bullied.
  • 80% of kids/teens own cellphones, making this the biggest form of cyberbullying.

Three things to prevent this.

-get off line.

-tell an adult

- stand up for your self and have confidants.

Three safe ways to respond to Cyber Bullying

-Help stand up for who's being bullied.

-Let someone know if you see it.

-Tell your friend to get off line, get them to do something else.

Three helpful websites

Describing how to stop Cyber Bulling on social media.

You can just go show someone what they said. Or you can also block them. You can block

on every social media.

Consequences of cyber bulling

Being expelled from school and sports activities is big one at schools.Many states have put anti-cyberbullying laws into effect. These laws vary from state to state, but all agree on what cyberbullying is and the legal ramifications associated with being the bully. Penalties for cyberbullying also vary from state to state. Criminal charges can be filed.