History of the ATOM

Mckenzie Varga

The Greek Model-Dalton's Model

Daltons model was; all matter is compromised of atoms.  * It was created in 1803 Atoms cannot be made or destroyed  * All atoms of the same element are identical      *Different elements have different types of atoms        *Chemical reactions occur when atoms are rearranged     *Compounds are formed from atoms of the constituent elements

Thompson's Model

Thompsons model was called the raisin brand model, simply because it looked like raisins. He assumed that the atom was a spherical object with N electrons and a massive amount of poitive charge that cancels out the N electrons. It was created in 1898

Rutherfords Model was created in 1909 and it was the planetary model. He found that the atoms mass was in the middle, he realized this by the experiment he conducted. His experiment was shooting particles at gold foil.

The Bohr Model

The Bohr model was created in the 1913. Niels Bohr said that elections had some amounts of energy using Plancks Quantum Theory. His new model of the atom was where the electrons travel around the nucleus in orbits by their energy levels.

The Wave model

The Wave Model was created in 1925 by Schrodinger. His model wasnt a physical model but was rather a mathematical model. The equation helps predict some of the properties of the atoms but isnt able to describe the atom itself.

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