Walker Nation Team Recognition

April 2016

This month was OFF THE CHARTS!! BIGGEST. MONTH. EVER.!! These have been my words month after month!! You ALL Amaze me!!! You are the BEST of the BEST and I am so honored to be on this journey with each of you!! We are Just Getting Warmed up!!! I am so excited to announce our NEWEST National Vice President, Jenn Cidoni!!! Jenn, you have been leading your team since day 1 with a heart filled of love and purpose!!!

Congratulations my friend for building this BIG and bringing “freedom” home, not only to your family but to many others too and so many more to come!! You are a difference maker and a life changer and I am so grateful that God Blessed me with your friendship and your leadership!! Love you to pieces woman!! It is bitter sweet to say HELLO to the first Nation we gave birth to and goodbye as you will now begin a New Chapter of having your very own Nation team page, as well as your very own Nation recognition beginning next month! I can’t wait to watch you ALL continue to grow!!! It does takes a BIG team effort to build a Nation, so again CONGRATULATIONS to the ENTIRE Cidoni Team!!! I am so proud of each and every one of you!! And A HUGE shout out to our NEWEST Regional Vice President, Ashley Akers!! Ashley was a former teacher and is currently a busy stay at home mom. She decided to jump in with Jenn Cidoni for personal fulfillment and for her 2 awesome boys! She has grown into such an Amazing leader on this journey!! We are so honored to have you!! Welcome to the VP team Ashley!!! All the VPs and I are looking forward to the Luau Party in June, so be sure you work diligently this month to earn YOUR spot!! This is your final chance!! We are cheering for you!!! So, GO make this an a-MAY-zing Month!!!!!!

Pay it Forward

Love ya,


Team Promotions & Qualifications

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New District Managers

Abi Schanpf (PA) Promoted by Gayle Severance

Angela Clapp (CA) promoted by EDM Deanna Sabec

Angela Parise (NJ) promoted by Jacqui Zizwarek

Cari Lara (Germany) promoted by Nikki Howard

Chrisy Pitchford (MD) Promoted by Marie Wroten

Darla Crompton (NJ) Promoted by Jean Fede

Debby Monaghan (NJ) Promoted by Victoria Davila

Desiree Heck (NJ) Promoted by Kristen Domenico

Ellen Malloy (NJ) Promoted by Rosanna Tinari

Evelyn Cartagena (NJ) Promoted by Victoria Davila

Fatima Rolo (NJ) Promoted by Robin Frank

Jean Fede (NJ) Promoted by Melissa Walker

Karen/Dave Daily (NJ) Promoted by Natalie Barron

Katherine Torres (NJ) Promoted by Victoria Davila

Katie Kucheruck (NJ) promoted by EDM Elyse Standen

Laura Grover (NJ) promoted by EDM Jacqui Zizwarek

Lauren Kessler (NJ) promoted by Mike Smith

Libby Zimbleman (NJ) promoted by Renee Barry

Maria Giovanna Funaro (NJ) promoted by Ashley Akers

Marie Wroten (MD) Promoted by Betty Jo Costantino

Mary Talerico (NJ) promoted by Jessica Mcdermott

Michelle Dailey (NJ) Promoted by Michele Newman

Penny Malyska (NJ) promoted by Ashley Akers

Rachele Cipollone (NJ) promoted by EDM Talia Cipollone

Rosanna Tinari (NJ) Promoted by Lauren Simone-Carpenter

Samantha Cieslinski (NJ) Promoted by Julia Savoy

Sean McGuire (NJ) promoted by ERVP Lauren Wheeler

Stephanie Luster (NJ) Promoted by Megan Geibel

Tiffany Bond(NC) Promoted by Stephanie Lamp

Victoria Shomo (NJ) promoted by ERVP Lauren Wheeler

William/Jamie Young (NJ) Promoted by Michele Newman

District Managers in Qualification

Alex Nehila (NJ)

Allison Blackman (NJ)

Amber Deutch (NJ)

Amy Coleman (SC)

Andrea Pazienza (RI)

Angela Wolfe (NJ)

Ashley Horay (NJ)

Ava Riby-Williams (UK)

Beth Good (PA)

Bonnie Stewart (NC)

Caitlin Heinz (NJ)

Caitlin Reardon (NJ)

Charlene Taverner(NJ)

Cheyenne Tedesco (PA)

Christine Maguire (NJ)

Claudia Warren (CA)

Crystal Gresko (NJ)

Crystal McGuire (NJ)

Dana Walsh (NJ)

Danielle DiMarco (NJ)

Danielle Wilson(NJ)

Danita Brown (NJ)

Deanna Warchola (NJ)

Debby Monaghan (PA)

Diane Bennett (PA)

Dina Hendricks (NJ)

Donna Page (RI)

Elizabeth Phelps (NJ)

Emily Heise (VA)

Emily Roberts (RI)

Heather Pion (RI)

Heather Stiteler (NJ)

Hina Heipp (NJ)

Jackie Arroyo (PA)

Jackie Degroff (NJ)

Jacqueline Russomano (NJ)

Jamie Collins (NC)

Janey Tete (NJ)

Jaqueline Cremer (NJ)

Jen Haas (NJ)

Jenn Andujar (NJ)

Jennifer Garcia (NJ)

Jennifer Gross (NJ)

Jennifer Moorehead (RI)

Jennifer Myers (NJ)

Jennifer Woloszyn (NJ)

Jessica Dean Scheiner (UK)

Jessica Zawrotny (NJ)

Joann Corsaro (NJ)

Josephine Horner (NJ)

Karen Baldwin(NJ)

Kelly Haag (SC)

Kesley Craig (NJ)

Kimberly Clearly (NJ)

Kimberly Ostrander (NJ)

Kristen Fowler (NJ)

Libby Gladding (VA)

Linda Milton (NJ)

Liz Stafford (NC)

Lori Shellman (RI)

Lori Stewart (NJ)

Lucille Maltbie (NJ)

Mandi Miller (SC)

Maria Miller (NJ)

Maria Ramos (NJ)

Marion Sabec (NJ)

Marisa Holst (CA)

Mary Fennimore (NJ)

Mary Grosso (NJ)

Marylyn Campanella (NJ)

Meghan McDonald (NJ)

Melissa Horner(NJ)

Melissa Katana (NJ)

Melissa Miller (NJ)

Miracle Mehart (NV)

Nanci Eannucci(NJ)

Noelle Vecchiolla (NJ)

Robin Pomeroy (NJ)

Robin Zak(NJ)

Rose Selby (NJ)

Sara Hawken (NJ)

Sarah Maybury (NJ)

Shannon Jacobus (NJ)

Shellee Trupo (NJ)

Sheridan Cheek-Maurer (NC)

Stefanie Demara (NJ)

Vanessa Bekarciak (NJ)

William House (RI)

Yolanda Vogel(NJ)

New Area Managers

Annette Weinger (NJ) promoted by Ashley Akers

Betty Jo Costantino (MD) Promoted by Melissa Walker

Marie Thomason (NC) Promoted by Michele Newman

Nikki Howard (VA) promoted by Ashley Akers

Area Manager in Qualification

Angela Fesi (NJ)

Elyse Standen (PA)

Jackie Picard (CA)

Jacqui Zizwarek (NJ)

Jessica McDermott

Julia Savoy (NJ)

Kristen Domenico (NJ)

Marlene O’Brien(NJ)

Melissa Kanaly (NJ)

Melody Appel (NJ)

Mike Smith (NJ) first month as a DM

Monique Smith (NJ)

Patty Roberts (NJ)

Stephanie Lamp (SC)

Susie Massara (NJ)

NEW Regional Vice President

Ashley Akers (NJ) Promoted by Jenn Cidoni

Qualification for Regional Vice President

Deepa Lemyre (NJ)

Ken and Nikki Gladding (RI)

Michele Newman (NC)

1/2 Way to Region

Nikki Howared (VA)

Jennifer Chappine (NJ)

Meg Muha (NJ)

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1/2 way to nation

Lauren Wheeler

Bridget Wilson

Victoria Davila

Qualification for National Vice President

Megan Geibel

New National Vice President!

Jennifer Cidoni (NJ) Promoted by Melissa Walker

Top Sales

Top 3 District Manager Sales

Nikki Howard

Marie Thomason

Patty Roberts

Top 3 Area Manager Sales

Ashley Akers

Deepa Lemyre

Michele Newman

Top 3 Central District Sales

Victoria Davila

Ken/Nikki Gladding

Michele Newman

Top 3 Central Area Sales

Melissa Walker

Ashley Akers

Jenn Cidoni

Top 3 Central Region Sales

Jenn Cidoni

Victoria Davila

Megan Geibel

top sponsoring

Top 3 Personal Sponsoring

Jessica Mcdermott 12

Maria Giovanna Funaro 11

Samantha Cieslinski 11

Top 3 Central District Sponsoring

Lauren Wheeler 28

Julia Savoy 27

Michele Newman 24

Top 3 Central Area Sponsoring

Ashley Akers 78

Melissa Walker 65

Lauren Wheeler 61

Top Central District Sponsoring per Region

Lauren Simone-Carpenter 10

Jessica Mcdermott 20

Julia Savoy 27

Michele Newman 24

Elyse Standen 7

Bonus Earners

District Manager Bonus

Annette Weniger

Ashley Akers

Betty Jo Costantino

Bridget Wilson

Elyse Standen

Erika Baldwin

Jacqui Zizwarek

Jennifer Chappine

Jennifer Cidoni

Jessica McDermott

Jocelyn Shoup

Julia Savoy

Kara Bender

Kara Lynch

Kelly Ranson

Ken and Nikki Gladding

Kristen Bustle

Kristen Domenico

Kristen Wilson

Lauren Simone-Carpenter

Lauren Wheeler

Marie Thomasson

Marlene O’Brien

Meg Muha

Megan Geibel

Melissa Walker

Melody Appel

Michele Newman

Mike Smith

Monique Smith

Natalie Barron

Nicole Samson

Nikki Howard

Nina Morreale

Rachel Jones

Renee Barry

Robin Frank

Sherri Deacon

Stephanie Lamp

Talia Cipollone

Theresa Farmer

Tina Simone

Victoria Davila

Area Manager Bonus

Allison Roth

Ashley Akers

Bridget Wilson

Jennifer Chappine

Jennifer Cidoni

Ken and Nikki Gladding

Lauren Wheeler

Meg Muha

Megan Geibel

Melissa Walker

Michele Newman

Victoria Davila

RVP Bonus

Melissa Walker

Megan Geibel

Victoria Davila

Jennifer Cidoni

AIT Earners

Level 1:

AM Kristen Wilson

AM Tina Simone

RVPQ Deepa Lemyre

AM Annette Weinger

DM Cheryl Bressi

AM Marie Thomason

EDM Deanna Sabec

DM Kristen Domineco

DM Susan Massara

EDM Talia Cipollone

EDM Jacqui Zizwarek

EDM Elyse Standen

AMQ Kristen Domenico

Level 2

ERVP Bridget Wilson

RVPQ Ashley Akers

AM Michele Newman

AM Jenny Chappine

AM Jessica Cahill

EAM Nikki and Ken Gladding

NVP Jenn Cidoni

AM Nikki Howard

NVPQ Megan Geibel

AM Meg Muha

Level 3

ERVP Lauren Wheeler

ENVP Melissa Walker

Level 4

RVP Ashley Akers

RVP Victoria Davila

Level 5

RVP Allison Roth

RVPQ Michele Newman

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