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The A, B, C's to New Heights in High Ability

Thank you for your desire to inspire higher and bring new heights to high ability education. To best support your needs, there are several high ability package options to consider that can be written into your high ability grant.

Package A

Package A includes one full day of professional development or onsite consulting curtailed to best meet your specific needs. For example, this can be one group of teachers learning and collaborating all day or split between a morning and afternoon session with different groups of teachers, such as grades K-4 teachers in the morning and grades 5-9 teachers in the afternoon. ($1,000)

Package B

Package B includes three full days of professional development curtailed to best meet your specific needs. For instance, this can be one day of professional development per semester and one in the summer. Additionally, it can be a variety of professional development topics, such as one day of High Ability 101, one day of Social-Emotional Learning, and one day of Differentiation, or it can be three days of in-depth professional development on one particular topic. ($2,500)

Package C

Package C includes comprehensive professional development with six full days of coaching sessions that are curtailed to best meet your specific needs. For example, I will observe specific teachers and then meet/coach them individually or meet with the coordinator to share observations and create the next best steps. ($5,000)

Are you wanting year-long support and comprehensive program support?

Package D includes comprehensive program support with data analysis, program review, grant writing, identification, amendment, and final report support. This year-long consulting option includes package C. ($7,500)