Cyber Bullying

A new form of evil.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Common platforms for cyberbullying iclude Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, online chat rooms, and text messaging.

Why is Cyber Bullying Such a Big Issue?

Some people believe the impersonal nature of the Internet removes them from common societal courtesies. This leads to individuals saying things to people they wouldn't have the guts to say in person. As a result victims are susceptible to far more vicious attacks by bullies which can expedite their path to potential self harm or emotional unraveling.

Some Top Sites for Information on Cyber Bullying and Preventing It:

Together We Can End Cyber Bullying


By becoming aware that our actions online have consequences. If you are insulting, pestering, or demeaning someone online just because it is over the Internet does not make it mean any less. You are still speaking to a person and they can still feel those words even if they are not spoken. If you are a victim of cyber bullying, keep your head up. Do not let the bullies get to you, it does not matter what other people think of you all that matters is what you think of yourself. If you like yourself and are comfortable with yourself there is nothing to stand in your way. However, if the bullying persists and gets to be too much tell a trusted adult and make sure the situation is properly taken care of.