In the home of Sunnyville, you will experience the constant life that can be lived through full, happy, and functional ways. The life lived here in our amazing and gorgeous city, we derive on the idea of very little stress. It is quite abnormal to be in a stressful situation when living in this society. Another thing that our city focuses on is opportunity. The opportunity to achieve anything that can be possible. Providing full opportunity for our citizens allows us to be happy and a life lived with a great amount of experience. One thing as well that our city is fully and potentially here is the idea of vast and major equality. Not equality in which everyone is the same, but equality under terms of true acceptance. Everyone is accepted through how they choose to live and be in their life. Through race, dress, profession, gender, sexual orientation, etc. all is wonderfully and gracefully accepted into our beautiful society, Residing in the beautiful region of Sunnyville allows a happy and full life amongst all citizens!


To live a full and potential dream in our society, we want to be able to allow a full given opportunity for everyone in our society. Education in our society allows and gives full life experience and options at a very early age. Focused on the idea of helping our citizens live a full and happy life, we allow vast opportunity in everything we do. Colleges have a minimum of choosing 3 majors and also are allowed at cheap prices for $2,000 per semester of school. Giving the nest options for opportunity, we give people an outlook of all things in our world. In the novel The Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne believes that their life is written through divine beliefs and following those rules. This was effective in ways that got people to cooperate, but our society allows a wider range of opportunity to reach a full and potential happiness.


Novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury is a dystopian novel is a society that is controlled vastly by the the technological advances. The government only shows what they want the society to see which is only very miniscual information about anything. Education is vastly cut off so that the people of the society only know very little about what actually goes in the world. Montag the main character burns a huge amount of books and that cuts of a huge knowledge source to their community. The comparison of our society is actually massively contrasted to one another. The society into which Sunnyville has made is a full mass opening of all possible opportunity and that opportunity allows people to be knowledgable upon all things in the world. People in the Sunnyville society has a huge amount of experience unlike the people that grow and adapt to the society that is described in the Dystopian novel of Fahrenheit 451. The comparisons of both of our soceities range to miniscual to none. The only evident similarity of both of our soceities are th regions into whcih we both live in, city and forest like. Defintely, a wide range of areas thar are located within both our societies.


My soceity is not fit with people who are opposed to equality. The ideals of Sunnyville is described for people open to all types of things and all types of options. People who are set on one idea and one idea only in my society is frowned upon and widely uncommon. We choose ways of happiness, functional, and stress-free life. People who don't understand the rights of my society will be validated and surveliianced on under control and it will get to be very difficult to work with them on our views. We will try to have an open mind because that is one of true philosophies and try to comprimise within such situations.