Christmas Newsletter-Happy Holidays

Best Educational Toys, Upcoming Language Arts Camps

Best toys, Language Arts Camps, Looking towards Spring 2018 Semester - Giving the gift of education

In this newsletter, we take a brief moment to reflect on gift giving from an educational perspective, and provide an article on the best educational toys for kids. We also briefly touch on the gift of education and provide information about our two upcoming Language Arts mini-camps (Christmas week and New Year's), which will help kids get better at writing sentences and paragraphs.

Best Educational Toys for Kids

Like it or not, the toys we choose to buy for our kids can make a difference in their development. During your child’s growing years, it is important to provide them with educational toys that allow them to learn while they play...Read article here

Post-Christmas & New Year's Language Arts Camps

The ability to compose cohesive writing is a skill that can only be developed through proper practice and guidance. Our Language Arts Christmas Week & New Year's Camps are designed to help students improve on their writing skills, while expanding their vocabulary, spelling, and grammar knowledge. Camps are offered from 9am -12pm on Wed-Fri (Dec 27-29) and on Tue-Wed (Jan 2-3). Students will be provided with the tools to organize their thoughts more cohesively and write longer paragraphs. Camp is taught in a fun, engaging way, by our certified Language Arts teacher. Register here to give your child the gift of "writing"

Benefits of Enrolling in MindQuest - Our Afterschool Program


Time to start thinking about next year. Our Winter & Spring Semester provides a similar schedule of afterschool care (MindQuest), enrichment classes, and tutoring options. We are expanding our Math options, while we continue to offer weekend classes in Chinese. Registration is opens. Find out more here

Director's Column - Giving Your Child The Gift of Education

In this the season of gift-giving, people tend to focus on physical gifts, things our kids can hold on to and play with. As parents, we continually provide other gifts to our children, ones they may not yet appreciate! Among those gifts is the gift of an education. For those who educate their children by sending them to school, we know that school, by itself, is often not enough! Some children require more from their time at school and many require homework help, academic enrichment, and/or care after school. At 4Points Academy and IQuest we provide unique opportunities to enhance/upgrade the gift of education provided to children, whether school or afterschool. For 2018, our afterschool program offers each new parent the gift of a free trial class for the Spring semester, and 4Points Academy offers a 10% tuition rebate for those parents who attend our January Open house and/or mention this article. Register early for the Spring Semester and start providing your child(ren) with this unique gift.

Happy Holidays to You And Your Family!!!

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100+ Ways To Celebrate The Holidays In Central Texas

There are tons of things to do in Austin and the surrounding areas this Holiday Season. Visit Free Fun in Austin to get 100 ideas!! - visit for some great ideas.

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