Mrs. Friedman's Flyer

October 15th 2015

Thank you!

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend parent visitation this week! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our classroom. We were so excited to show you what we do!


October 16th: I extended the Scholastic Order forms for one day. Please order online if you are interested. I will submit the orders after school on Friday the 16th!

October 21st: Interims available online through Genesis.

October 30th: School Halloween Celebration. 12pm dismissal, 1:30 students return dressed, 1:45 parade. If your child is remaining at school during that time I will help them with their costume!

Would you like to get instant reminders sent directly to your cell phone or email? How about different ways to ask your child how his or her day was? Please consider signing up for Remind text or email alerts for our classroom. You can sign up by following this link or you can go to my eBoard here.



Your child has now learned how to properly form all letters and letter sounds. Please encourage your child to use his or her neatest handwriting and to sound out words as they are reading. You can refer to the last two pages from the homework packet last week to find the alphabet letters, pictures, and key sounds. We have now moved on to blending, reading, and spelling short vowel words with three sounds. We have started learning trick words, or words that cannot be sounded out. The words are a, and, the, is, his, and of. If your child has already learned these words, there are other ways that he or she can review the words. You can play "I spy" and find the words in books, or you can use the words in writing. Next week, we will be focusing on capitalization, punctuation, and word spacing for sentence dictation. We will also retell stories in detail and sequence the events. Thank you for all of your support by working with your child at home! Look at how well first grade concentrates on letter formation in the picture below!
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Reading and Grammar

First graders have been becoming better readers by activating their schema and by making mental images while they are reading. We have continued to enjoy Flash Light Friday! I am very impressed with the maturity students are showing during quiet reading time. If you walked by our room while students are reading to themselves, you wouldn't know anyone was in there! The students are capable of reading quietly to themselves, and they are building stamina every day. Next week, we will focus on the main idea in given stories. We will also begin studying grammar by doing activities with nouns. Please see below as students participate in a shared reading.
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Math Workshop

First grade mathematicians have begun a full math workshop. During this time, students begin by engaging in a mini lesson. Then they have the opportunity to complete 4 math stations, or centers. The math centers always include Math Facts (through fun iPad apps), At your seat (math review in student notebooks), Teacher's Choice (I introduce or reteach challenging skills to a small group), and a Hands on (math game). I can tell that students have really been enjoying this math workshop structure because they always ask, "When do we have math?!

Unit 2 has introduced some challenging concepts, but these mathematicians are ready for them! First graders have been working on number sense by working with number grids, comparing numbers, and looking at telephone numbers. They have also explored weather and temperature, time to the hour, and compliments of 10. I think they will really enjoy working with pennies and nickels next week! Below see how Lily and Sadie completed their colorful thermometers and are now playing the game Rolling for 50.

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Writer's Workshop

You may have noticed that your student brought home writing this week. We have completed our first chapter in Writer's Workshop! I am so proud of how hard the writer's have worked. I am impressed by how they have built stamina for writing. If there were time, they would be happy to have Writer's Workshop all morning! I am looking forward to seeing how much they progress throughout the school year. You may need to make some room on your bookshelves at home!

Students have been studying mentor authors to see what grown up writers do. We then take the ideas and apply them! We have been making our stories come to life by making our characters move, talk, think, and feel, and we have been telling our stories bit by bit! Last week, students "fixed up" their work so that other students in the class could read it. They used special editing glasses and pens to make their writing the best it could be. We then shared student writing with the class. All students had an opportunity to leave a positive comment to their friends! When writer's came back to check their comments, they were beaming with pride! I'm looking forward to showcasing student writing again soon. Eventually we will invite you into the classroom for an Author's Share as well!

Social Studies and Science

During Social Studies, students are exploring why it is important to learn from each other. They are learning about similarities and differences we all have, as well as special talents that each students has. We are comparing and measuring in Science. Students have been learning how to complete tasks while cooperating. They have measured their heights and compared them, arms and legs and compared them, and objects in the room longer than themselves and compared the lengths. Today students played a game with flippers. They got to see how far they could flip the game piece, and then they measured the distance from the start line to where the game piece landed. Please see Olivia, Peyton, and Matty below as they flip the flipper.
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Mrs. Friedman

If you would like to leave me a message by phone, please do so with the office. I recently discovered that the voicemail on my extension is no longer active. I apologize if any of you have tried to leave me voicemails. Thank you!